A perfect asparagus delivery system

I’m on a food-from-childhood kick. Don’t know what’s up with that. Maybe it’s that my best memories of cooking growing up are from hot June days, kitchen windows open.

In any case, this is something my mom made every summer, just as soon as the asparagus in our garden started the cycle from tender shoots to frilly, Jurassic fronds. The hens’ laying schedule would be picking up, and they’d eat enough early-summer bugs to turn their egg yolks a startling orange.

I bought two bunches of asparagus at the farmer’s market this week out of sheer excitement, which gave me ample opportunity to perfect this interpretation.

The yogurt+cheese combo is better than you will ever believe til you try it. The lemon cuts through the richness and the domineering asparagus flavor.

  • 8-10 small spears of asparagus
  • 2T olive oil or butter
  • 2 or 3 eggs
  • 3T shredded cheese
  • 2T plain greek yogurt
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Good-size lemon wedge

Cut the asparagus in to 1-inch segments and sauté in the fat over medium heat, in an omelette pan (or medium-size frying pan), maybe two minutes–until they’re just barely not raw. Try one–it should crunch some. Season with salt and pepper.

Quickly add the eggs, yogurt and cheese to a bowl and whisk ’em hard. You can use plain non-Greek (Barbarian?) yogurt; if you do have Greek, add a couple teaspoons of milk or water. As far as cheese, do whatever. I’m sure good-quality Parmesan or Asiago would be great, but so is that shredded grocery store Mexican four-cheese blend.

Throw the egg mixture in as soon as you want the asparagus to stop cooking. This is the tricky part. Turn the heat down slightly (medium-low). As soon as the omelette as mostly set (2-3 minutes), flip the pan or use a spatula to fold the top third of the omelette over the rest, like you’re folding a letter to put in an envelope. Turn the bottom up the same way; it should be pretty much done, if you like your omelettes creamy in the middle (it should have barely any color on the bottom). Slide it onto a plate and squeeze the lemon on there.

Tell me I’m wrong. I’ve eaten this four days in a row now.



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