Minibar Mixology: The Moonstone

This is intended as the first in a (mini) series of cocktails to make with those little 2-ounce bottles of liquor, in case your roommate got you a sampling of them as a tongue-in-cheek birthday gift (my situation). Or in case, god forbid, you are staring down the be-Pepsi’d countenance of an actual minibar. If you are currently tied to a chair in a Radisson in 1998, for instance.

It’s fitting that the first mini cocktail in this miniseries on cocktails is a fruity gin drink; it’s both in season and #onbrand.

The Chambord is the relevantly “mini” liqueur here—you can get two whole cocktails outta one of these little guys. That’s just math. Save a buck.

Anyway, the drink:

1.5 oz gin

1 oz Chambord

.5 oz lemon juice

a few drops Angostura; Peychaud’s might actually be better but I didn’t have any around.

I like a pretty herb-y gin for fruity drinks like this (check out New Deal No.1), but it doesn’t really matter that much. What does matter is that you put in precisely six to eight ice cubes and shake the Christ out of it for 60-90 seconds. I like to add the bitters after, once it’s in the glass. For the aroma, and because I have no respect.

Shake up two, one for your summer boo. Find a porch. Put your feet up.


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